Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simple Fish and Chips

To all my valued Customers, Friends and Colleagues

I wanted to take this chance to relate some new information about our status of
our business Simple Fish and Chips inc.
Some of you may know we have been closed since the new year due to some personal issues that my wife and I had to deal with and we were not able to operate the business during this time. 

We appreciate everyone's continuous support throughout the last two years and we will never forget the friendships we made during all the local events, markets and festivals but after considering changing our life and the new changes (baby) about to happen we realized that we couldn't get in a profitable position and we were losing our shirts, the costs to open and maintaining this high costing establishment was unforgiving.  We did try to change our model a few times to adapt and restructure but paid big for each decision we made... enough not to let us bounce back. 

We apologizes for any inconvenience over the last few weeks, be assured that Candice and I are okay now but we decided to let go of our dream and hoping it may have opened bigger doors for us to continue educating, we feel confident we will stay involved with the community and continue to be part of the slow food market, festivals and events but for now we are concentrating on us as a family.

The concept should still live on, think sustainable, think local and vote with your wallet!

Its a hard time for everyone right now, to survive as a community we must stick together as a community and shop local at any cost. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our obituary blog and we apologize again if we have disappointed your stomachs, we never meant to sink the ship but the waters were way to deep to begin with, we just thought we could of stay a float!

If anyone should have any questions or are in possession of our "fish stocks" please contact us by email or visit us at the new location of the slow food market on Sundays to continue to use them to purchase sustainable seafood at my booth.

This is my successful failure fish tale...

Shawn Hartwell 



  1. Thanks for your honesty…and for the wonderful experience that Simple Fish & Chips was while it lasted. My family loved it…and I loved that I could eat gluten free! :)I wish you all the best with your new baby and all you endeavour in the future! ~ Brenda Shelley

  2. As a small business owner myself, I hear and feel this most personally. Simple Fish & Chips may be gone, but you're not Shawn. Your passion, dedication and commitment is formidable and I know you'll continue to move & shake this world in whatever you do. Kudos to you and Candice both.

    “Voyage upon life's sea, To yourself be true, And, whatever your lot may be, Paddle your own canoe”


  3. Best Wishes Shawn and Candice. Thank you so much for your big hearts and your dedication not mention considerable talent in cooking up a delicious dish. You will be missed. Having said that I anticipate your rise from the sea and look forward to enjoying your cooking again soon. Be well!

    Lots of love,

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. I was excitedly planning a trip to visit you with my mum when we come to festival this season. I hope to see you at events and whatever your new ventures might be!

  5. Shawn and Candace, I very much appreciate your sincerity and honesty. In today's world, these are two values often misplaced.
    As part of the community, I am one member to whom regrets not visiting your restaurant more often. As to the future, I only wish you the very best, which is what you both deserve.

    Bruce Whitaker

  6. I, too, am so sorry to hear this news! We loved your place...the food and the atmosphere and in particular, the lobster pot pie! My Mom is in Stratford General right now and I was asking her if she'd like me to sneak up a special dinner for her one of these evenings and her response was "lobster pot pie" from Simple Fish & Chips. All the best to you in the future, Shawn and Candace. It is my hope that we'll see and hear lots more of you in future as you help develop the slow food market here in Stratford.

  7. So sorry to hear this Shawn. Very glad to have met you & enjoyed your amazing food at various events. Wishing you success in your new ventures, new baby & life at home.
    Hoping to see you & eat your food again somehow, somewhere, very soon.
    all the best Rossy

    1. Shawn, having spoken to you early in December I could sense your disappointment....small business is tough! took a chance where many would not, you have admitted defeat where most would this you are a hard as it is to feel like one just now....hug your family ...never give up, just point that ship in a slightly different direction, with your spirit the way will become clear.

      all the best